Sunday, 1 October 2017

Sixty Third Day of the Third Battle of Ypres

Monday 1st October 1917

23rd Division, just north of the Menin Road, was again attacked today, this time the enemy being supported by the strafing of machine-guns from low-flying aircraft. 69th Brigade received the attack and the enemy managed an advance of about 150 yards before being stopped. Three other attacks were made during the day but these were each seen-off by the defenders.

Two more divisions came under attack through the day. 7th Division is in the sector including the northern parts of Polygon Wood, which it took over from 4th Australian Division. Two attacks were made on them during the day, but without success for the attackers. 21st Division are on 7th Division’s right flank on the eastern fringes of Polygon Wood. The enemy seemed interested in retaking Glencorse Wood, now well behind the lines, penetrating as far as Black Watch Corner as the Leicestershire Regiment was driven back at one point, but we understand that the line has been retaken and stabilised.

Elsewhere the 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, are back in the front line near Hollebeke. Their dispositions are as shown on the map above. 8th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment are near Lens and had an unusual experience today. At around three o’clock this evening, three Germans were captured. These were not, as one might expect, men from the trenches opposite but three prisoners-of-war who had escaped from a cage at Dieppe and had made it all the way back nearly to No Man’s Land.

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