Friday, 13 April 2018

2nd Bedfords Back in the Line

Saturday 13th April 1918

The attack which began yesterday against Hazebrouck has already been halted, a long way from its target. This attack lacked the fury of those of March and it seems that, if our army is tired and weakened then the enemy's must be as badly off, if not worse. Attack is almost always more costly than defence in this war and it is hoped that the casualties the Germans have already suffered will tell against them if they launch more attacks and when, eventually, the Allied Armies begin attacks of their own.

The 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, which suffered greatly in the retreat from Saint-Quentin is once more in the  line. It is now part of General Plumer's Second Army around Ypres and finds itself between Pilkem and Langemarck immediately north of the city in support to the front line. They have on their flank, for the first time in this war, a unit of Belgians - their 10th Infantry Regiment.

Source: X550/3/wd

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