Tuesday 10 April 2018

Messines Falls

Wednesday 10th April 1918

As was anticipated yesterday, reserves brought up by general Horne, commander of 1st Army, have stopped the enemy in its tracks at Estaires; the ruins of the town itself have fallen, but the line has been stabilised just beyond them.

However, today the Germans launched another major assault north of Armentieres. Here, it is reckoned, four full enemy divisions threw themselves against one British Division - 19th (Western). It is not surprising that the enemy were able to make gains They have breached about three and a half miles of front and have advanced about two miles. It is most galling that they have retaken the ruins of the Belgian town of Messines, captured in such brilliant fashion last June. 

the enemy has also overrun the ruins of Armentieres and their progress, so far as we can determine it, is shown in yellow on the sketch map above. There is no doubt that things look trying but confidence is still high that the advance can be stalled.

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