Friday 6 April 2018


Saturday 6th April 1918

Here in France it has been, once more, a largely quiet day. No such luck in the sector held by 6th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment which has, once more, had,three companies (A, C and D) in the front line at Bucquoy, north of Albert. B Company is in support. Today they captured a prisoner, found out on his own in No Man's Land. However, shelling and gas have accounted for sixteen other ranks killed (including three died of wounds), 29 have been wounded and one officer and 23 other ranks have been gassed. 

It is well that this battalion has not seen severe action against the enemy, unlike, 2nd, 4th and 7th Battalions. had it done so, the loss of over fifty casualties in a day would be an even more serious matter given the numbers lost by these other three battalions during the ten day retreat.

Sources: X550/7/1

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