Wednesday 25 April 2018

Action at Cachy

Thursday 25th April 1918

Yesterday the 7th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment went into action near Cachy. They were to attack the road from Villers-Bretonneux south to Aubercourt to relieve German pressure on Cachy as they made a determined move on Amiens. At 10 o'clock last night, in complete darkness, the battalion moved into the assault and encountered only slight resistance for the first thousand yards or so. C Company was on the right, B Company in the centre and A Company on the left. D Company was in reserve but after those first thousand yards were brought into the line.

The battalion had both flanks in the air and was met with vicious fire from the enemy. 7th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment was attacking on the battalion's right and the Australians on the left. The men from the Antipodes and from the Medway encountered difficulties and their advance was slower than the Bedfords. We understand that the only officer left alive and unwounded was Second Lieutenant Tysoe(1). He reorganised the line and sent back a stream of accurate reports.

Throughout the day the enemy tried to dislodge the Bedfords from their temporary position. The battalion geld a frontage of about 1,100 yards and the right flank was reinforced by 54th Company, Machine Gun Corps. As I write the battalion is still defiantly in place, blocking the approaches to Amiens.

Meanwhile 1st Battalion is also in action this evening. They are between Merville and Lamotte, west of Estaires and tasked with advancing the line and capturing the remains of a farm which has been dubbed Bedford Farm.

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(1) He would receive the Distinguished Service Order for his actions in this action.

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