Sunday, 15 April 2018

Withdrawal from Passchendaele

Monday 15th April 1918

As predicted yesterday, our troops have begun to fall back from the Passchendaele Ridge today. One can only imagine how the men who fought for that ridge, saw their comrades fall, and shed many pints of sweat and, perhaps, blood, too, feel about this turn of events. As indicated yesterday this withdrawal is a strategic necessity, but Tommy Atkins does not have to like it, and doesn't. As far as we of the press corps are aware, the enemy has not followed up the withdrawal of our men, suggesting he is, as yet, in ignorance of it. If so, General Plumer's staff and all involved can congratulate themselves in carrying out that most difficult, as well as most unwelcome, manoeuvre, a retirement in the face of the enemy, to perfection.

Meanwhile the enemy attack towards the River Lys in the area around Bailleul has come to a halt only a little way beyond that town. 

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