Thursday, 17 December 2015

6th Battalion Forgotten Again

Friday 17th December 1915: Mayor F R Hockliffe of Bedford tells us that two of the new battalions of the Regiment have complained to him that they have, so far, not received anything from the Bedfordshire Regiment Comforts Fund. One of these is the 6th Battalion, with which being forgotten seems to be something of a theme(1). Their commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel R T Toke says: “So far we have received nothing from the Bedfordshire Regiment Fund. Mrs. Barclay, wife of the late commanding officer, has sent out things she has collected, but beyond that we have received nothing. What are most required here are socks, small towels, cigarettes and woollen helmets. The weather is awful and the trenches over the knees in mud and water. Going round this morning I was nearly up to my waist, but the men are all cheerful and are a very fine lot”.

Source: Bedfordshire Times 24th December 1915

(1) See 22nd October and 6th November 1915.

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