Friday, 11 December 2015

A Biggleswade Hero

Private Chris Lincoln 

Saturday 11th December 1915: The photograph which we produce above is that of Private Chris Lincoln of the 2nd Bedfords. Recently we were able to publish copies of the commendations of his Commanding Officer and of General H Watts(1) concerning this gallant lad’s act of conspicuous bravery in the great battle of Loos. The original cards are now on view at the Chronicle Office. Private Lincoln is the son of Mr Fred Lincoln of Sun Street and is only 19 years of age. He is now at Colchester Hospital suffering from a severe wound in the thigh which he sustained while performing the act of bravery which won him praise from those in high command.

The act which won the gallant lad such praise from his Commanding Officer and General Watts was going out under terrific fire and cutting down the barbed wire entanglements of the enemy in readiness for the great advance at Loos. General Watts says he “rendered great service”


Doubtless all our readers are pleased to hear that this gallant lad’s heroic act has been recognised, but we believe that the people of Biggleswade would have liked to see it take a more tangible form. We are aware that, as General Watts says, decorations cannot be given in every case yet we think that Lincoln’s fellow townsmen would like an opportunity of showing their appreciation of the lad’s bravery. We therefore are promoting a scheme whereby all can help. It is as follows: we are having printed 2,200 postcards giving the young hero’s photo and a short story of his gallant act and these we want to sell at one penny each. The cost of producing these cards will be very small indeed and with the money which the sale of the cards brings in we want to purchase a gold watch to give to Lincoln as Biggleswade’s token of their appreciation of his work. We have approached, as the first citizen of our town, Mr H M Lindsell CB, Chairman of the Urban District Council and the scheme has his support and he has promised us that if the venture is a success he will make the presentation on behalf of the town. We want all the cards sold by New Year’s Day and if 2,200 is not enough then we can get some more, so please roll up Biggleswade and let us show this brave lad what we think of him.

Source: Biggleswade Chronicle 17th December 1915

(1) Commanding 7th Division.

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