Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Last Chance

Thursday 9th December 1915:


The last day for recruiting under Lord Derby’s Scheme and for securing a Khaki Armlet given to those who have enlisted for subsequent calling up, as requested, in their groups is Saturday, December 11th.

As all men, starred or unstarred, must be attested under the group system, in order to be able to appeal to the Local Tribunal, it is probable there will be a big rush on Saturday of the men who have not realised this and of those who for various reasons have put off enlisting until the last moment.

A Special Recruiting Station will be open for this purpose (in addition to the Recruiting Offices at the Barracks, High Street and Gwyn Street) on Saturday from 3 pm till midnight at the Town Hall, Bedford with medical men and Attesting Officers in attendance

Source: Bedfordshire Times 3rd December 1915

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