Sunday, 10 January 2016

Lucky Escapes

The Anglia

Monday 10th January 1916: Private Bert Milliner of the 2nd Bedfords is home at Biggleswade on ten days’ leave. He is an old militiaman and enlisted in the 4th Bedfordshire Regiment practically a year ago. After training at Dovercourt he went out in the early autumn to join the 2nd Battalion. While serving with a bombing party in the Givenchy district he was wounded in the shoulder and after being placed on a stretcher he was wounded in the lower part of the body. His troubles did not end, for after a stay at the base hospital he was being brought to England on the “Anglia” which struck a mine in the Channel. Fortunately he was among those that were safely transferred to the “Saint George”(1). After a lengthy stay in hospital at Torquay, he was sufficiently well to come home on leave. He still walks very lame, but is progressing. He is the possessor of a fine alpenstock, which he secured from a Prussian Guardsman out in Flanders.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard 14th January 1916

(1) This was on 17th November 1915. 134 people died.

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