Saturday, 9 January 2016

Two Brave Bedfords

Ribbons for DCM (left) and MC

Sunday  9th January 1916: Those who assisted in the usual farewell lunch to wounded Bedfords on Saturday, had the pleasure of meeting two of the bravest of the Brave Bedfords, the thrice decorated Sergeant-Major Stringer and Sergeant-Major Flint (1). When the former won his second decoration he was still Corporal Stringer, and consequently it was again a Distinguished Conduct Medal which fell to him, but as Sergeant-Major Flint then held warrant officer rank, he received the Military Cross for his gallant deed. Since then promotion has come rapidly for the Bedfords’ double DCM and he now most deservedly holds warrant rank. The Czar has been pleased to grant him also the Order of Saint George, 2nd Class, and he is expecting the Medaille Militaire. Both men are being recommended for further gallantry honours, and both have been thrice wounded, Sergeant-Major Flint having been in Leicester Hospital thirteen weeks with a bullet wound through the lungs.

Source: Bedfordshire Times 14th January 1916

(1) Both served with the 2nd Battalion and happily both seem to have survived the war.

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