Monday 8 August 2016

Day Thirty Nine on the Somme

Tuesday 8th August 1916 From our Correspondent in the Field

Just after midnight this morning 17th Division managed to finally advance the British line north of the village on Longueval. Delville Wood, however, is still not fully in our hands.
The main fighting today has been, once more, for the village of Guillemont, which readers may recall was attacked by 30th Division, including 2nd Bedfords, on 30th July. The 55th (West Lancashire) Division carried out the attack at 4.20 this morning in conjunction with the French army. The French attack did not get so far as Maltz Horn Farm but the 55th Division succeeded in penetrating the Guillemont defences. However, the Germans managed to isolate those who had got into the village. I believe there will be an attack on the village tonight to try to link of with these men. 2nd Division also attacked to the north of the railway line which curved around the northern edge of the village and Guillemont Station was captured.

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