Saturday 24 September 2016

Day Eighty Six on the Somme

Sunday 24th September 1916: From our Correspondent in the Field

The adjutant of the 1st Battalion tells me they are at Arrowhead Copse this evening, south-west of Guillemont and not far from their triumph at Falfemont Farm. They will go into action again tomorrow, using the assembly trenches east of Ginchy which they helped to dig on 20th. These are at the small squares immediately south-west of “9” on the map above.

Their task is to help take the village of Morval to the east-north-east. They will seize the second objective after 1st Norfolks have taken the first. 1st Cheshires will then drive on to the third objective, the village itself. The second objective is the sunken road immediately west of Morval shown on the map above.

56th (London) Division failed in an attempt to link up with the French today near Combles. 6th Division repulsed a German attack and an attack by 23rd Division near le Sars was thwarted. 

Source: X550/2/5

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