Tuesday 13 September 2016

Day Seventy Five on the Somme

Wednesday 13th September 1916: From our Correspondent in the Field

Today the 6th Division has relieved 56th (London) Division in Leuze Wood. As soon as they arrived, in the early morning, 18th Brigade assaulted the strongpoint east of Guillemont and north of the wood called the Quadrilateral, where the attack by the Londoners was halted on 9th. The line of the road from Ginchy to Leuze Wood was occupied but the Quadrilateral itself remained un-reached due to the intensity of fire from its defenders.

The unlucky 8th Battalion was involved in this attack. The adjutant told me that Captain Steyer with B Company co-operated with 18th Brigade. These men managed to bomb their way about 100 yards along a German trench causing considerable casualties to the enemy.

The attack was repeated at six o’clock this evening with two platoons of C Company assisting the 18th Brigade in a frontal attack. This attack is now dying down since, once again, it is impossible to get near the enemy position.

Source: X550/9/1

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