Friday 30 September 2016

Day Ninety Two on the Somme

Saturday 30th September 1916: From our Correspondent in the Field

Today the 7th Bedfords have gone ack to rest billets a few miles away at Mailly-Maillet. Colonel Price has given me a list of officers and men recommended for decorations. Given the desperate nature of the fighting the list is a long one and appears below.

The Colonel, naturally a proud man, told me: “During the period mentioned in this diary the Battalion went into action on two occasions. The Morale of the Battalion was extremely high. The men fought with determination and skill, gained all their allotted objectives and received the highest praise from their Brigadier, Divisional Commander, Corps Commander, Army Commander and were especially congratulated by the General Officer Commanding, Sir Douglas Haig”. He then yold me that 8 officers and 210 men have been wounded and 101 are missing. The strength of the companies this evening is as follows: A 215; B 190; C 203; D 220. The Battalion as a whole has 25 Officers and 803 Other Ranks.

Officers recommended for awards are:
  • Second Lieutenant Tom Edwin Adlam – Victoria Cross(1)
  • Captain Leslie Howard Keep – Distinguished Service Order
  • Captain William Joseph Wellesley Colley - Distinguished Service Order
  • Second Lieutenant Harold Agnew Reaney - Distinguished Service Order(2)
  • Lieutenant Douglas Scrivener Howard Keep - Military Cross(3)
  • Captain John Henry Bridcutt - Military Cross(4)
  • Captain John Wright Turner - Military Cross
Other ranks recommended are:
  • 16176 Company Sergeant Major Richard Maurice Brand - Distinguished Conduct Medal(5)
  • 6466 Company Sergeant Major Charles Hall - Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • 15080 Lance Corporal Arthur William Harris - Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • 16540 Private George Goldhawk - Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • 21343 Sergeant Alfred Wyatt - Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • 14626 Lance Sergeant Albert Turville - Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • 15318 Private Alfred Pratt - Distinguished Conduct Medal(6)
  • 3/8402 Battalion Sergeant Major Frederick Antcliffe - Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • 15153 Private John James Winterbourne - Military Medal(7)
  • 17442 Private Albert Goodliff - Military Medal
  • 12615 Corporal Peter Relhorn - Military Medal
  • 14354 Private Arthur Frederick Baker - Military Medal
  • 43318 Private William Lewis - Military Medal(8)
  • 18267 Private Henry Brett - Military Medal
  • 14681 Private Albert Gilbert Bailey - Military Medal
  • 12735 Lance Sergeant George Frederick Cowling - Military Medal
  • 17317 Private Charles James Perkins - Military Medal
  • 15436 Private William Wall - Military Medal
  • 14878 Private Arthur James Palmer - Military Medal(9)
  • 14644 Private Harry Horgan - Military Medal
  • 16002 Private Jesse Meeks - Military Medal
  • 43293 Lance Corporal Thomas Fitzgerald - Military Medal
  • 9140 Private Henry Erskine - Military Medal
  • 14805 Lance Corporal Herbert John Gammons - Military Medal(10)
  • 15558 Lance Corporal John Joseph Cousins - Military Medal
  • 15684 Private William Sidney Mason - Military Medal
  • 8089 Sergeant Robert Hanson - Military Medal
  • 2/7597 Private William Inns - Military Medal
  • 43263 Private Robert Willacy - Military Medal(11)
  • 15044 Private Frank Bayford - Military Medal
All day the Germans have been trying to dislodge 18th Division from the Schwaben Redoubt but have not yet succeeded though some parts have been lost, others lost and retaken. No unit would relish giving up what has been won at such cost but parts have had to be given up by 8th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment and 7th Battalion Royal West Kent Regiment.

Source: X550/8/1

(1) Tom Adlams citation for his Victoria Cross reads: “A portion of a village which had defied capture on the previous day had to be captured at all costs to permit subsequent operations to develop. This minor operation came under very heavy machine gun and rifle fire. Second Lieutenant Adlam realising that time was all important, rushed from shell hole to shell hole under heavy fire collecting men for a sudden rush, and for this purpose also collected many enemy grenades. At this stage he was wounded in the leg, but nevertheless he was able to out-throw the enemy and then seizing his opportunity, and in spite of his wound, he led a rush, captured the position and killed the occupants. Throughout the day he continued to lead his men in bombing attacks. On the following day he again displayed courage of the highest order, and though again wounded and unable to throw bombs, he continued to lead his men. His magnificent example and valour, coupled with the skilful handling of the situation, produced far-reaching results”.
(2) Lieutenant Harold Agnew Reaney MC died of wounds on 27th July 1918 and buried at Priory Road Cemetery, Huntingdon
(3) Captain Douglas Scrivener Howard Keep MC was killed in action on 14th July 1917 and buried at Reninghelst New Military Cemetery
(4) Lieutenant-Colonel John Henry Bridcutt DSO was killed in action leading 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles on 1st October 1918 and is buried at Dadizeele New British Cemetery
(5) Company Sergeant Major Richard M Brand DCM, MM was killed in action on 3rd May 1917 and is commemorated on the Arras Memorial
(6) Private Alfred Pratt MM was killed on 7th August 1917 and is buried at The Huts Cemetery
(7) Corporal James Winterbourne MM was killed on 3rd May 1917 and is commemorated on the Arras Memorial
(8) Private William Lewis MM was killed on 10th August 1917 and is commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial
(9) Private Arthur James Palmer MM was killed on 6th September 1917 and is buried in Arneke Churchyard
(10) Private Herbert John Gammons MM was killed on 10th August 1917 and is buried in Hooge Crater Cemetery
(11) Sergeant Robert Willacy MM was killed on 13th March 1917 and is buried in Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont

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