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Roll of Honour - 3rd May 1917

Killed in Action

3rd Battalion: Battle of Arras: 7th Battalion unsuccessful attack on Chérisy
  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Lionel George ANGAS, 27, attached 7th Battalion, son of George Sample and Charlotte Gertrude Angas of 11 Winchester Road, Highgate [London], born Enfield [Middlesex]; BA (London) and a civil servant (Arras Memorial)
  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Chester Bishop KYDD, 19, attached 7th Battalion, son of Dr J G A and Jessie Bishop Kydd of Shantallagh, Coleraine [Londonderry], born Leavenworth [Kansas] (Arras Memorial)

7th Battalion: Battle of Arras:  unsuccessful attack on Chérisy
  • 30849 Private Edward ANSTIE or ANSTEE, 35, husband of Louisa of 17 Cowper Street, Luton (Arras Memorial)
  • 31166 Private Charles Frederick ARMER, 39, born Netteswell Cross [Essex], husband of A M Armer of 77 Surbiton Road, Ipswich [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)
  • 17156 Sergeant William BANWELL, born Tilsworth, resided Heath and Reach (Arras Memorial)
  • 33559 Sergeant Thomas Edward BARKER, ex-20702 Northamptonshire Regiment, born and resided Northampton (Arras Memorial)
  • 15339 Corporal William George BASS, 21, son of Samuel G and Kate Bass of Stanley Cottages, Westoning (Arras Memorial)
  • 15044 Sergeant Frank William BAYFORD MM, 22, son of Emily Bayford of Little Hallingbury [Essex] (Arras Memorial)
  • 30861 Private George Henry BLOTT, born and resided Farcet [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 40518 Private Joseph BOURNE, ex-29021 Essex Regiment, born and resided Matfield [Kent] (Arras Memorial)
  • 23292 Private Ernest BRAND, 31, son of Charles and Liza Brand of 16 Parkhurst Road, Bengeo [Hertfordshire], husband of Martha of 6 Cadmore Lane, Cheshunt [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 16176 Company Sergeant Major Richard Morris BRAND DCM MM, born and resided Hertford (Arras Memorial)
  • 17651 Private Alfred Samuel BREESE, born and resided Birmingham [Warwickshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 201555 Private William John BRUNT, born Haynes, resided Shefford (Arras Memorial)
  • Temporary Captain Wilfred Herbert BULL (Cérisy-Gailly French National Cemetery)
  • 30928 Private Claude Hilton CALVER, 28, born Pakenham [Suffolk], husband of Lilian of 14 Golden Noble Hill, Colchester [Essex] (Arras Memorial)
  • 23758 Private Frederick CHAPMAN, born Towersey [Buckinghamshire], resided Marston Moretaine (Arras Memorial)
  • 26764 Private Sydney CHURCH, 22, son of William Thomas and Elizabeth Church of London Road, Bozeat [Northamptonshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 14149 Private Albert John CLAPHAM, 37, B Company, born and resided Bengeo [Hertfordshire], son of James and Emma Clapham of Waterford Common, Hertford (Arras Memorial)
  • 15703 Sergeant Harry Albert CLARKE MM, born Hertingfordbury [Hertfordshire], resided Hertford (Arras Memorial)
  • 40531 Private Edward CRAWFORD, 39, ex-29101 Essex Regiment, born and resided Marsham [Norfolk], son of Robert and Elizabeth Crawford of 23 Brome [Suffolk], husband of Emma Jane of Brooke Terrace, Coltishall [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)
  • 16945 Lance Corporal Frederick CRAWLEY, 25, son of Frank Crawley of London Road, Sandy (Arras Memorial)
  • 19873 Private George DAY, 35, born Wood Walton [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 19764 Lance Corporal Anthony DUNN, born Kildare [Kildare], resided Lambeth [London] (Arras Memorial)
  • 15373 Private Henry James FLETCHER, 21, born Greenwich [London], son of H J and Clara E Fletcher of 3 Vicarage Lane, Dunton Green, Sevenoaks [Kent] (Arras Memorial)
  • 26143 Private Sacchariah Oscar GENTRY, 24, C Company, son of Emma Gentry of Dyers Lane, Assington [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)
  • 33540 Lance Sergeant Stanley Oswyn GEORGE, 28, ex-22688 Northamptonshire Regiment, son of Owen and Mary George of The Square, Raunds [Northamptonshire]; husband of Sarah Hannah of 3 Park Road, Raunds (Arras Memorial)
  • 40536 Private Arthur James GOLDFINCH, 39, A Company, ex-29056 Essex Regiment, born Willesborough [Kent], resided Sheerness [Kent], son of Robert Goldfinch of The Cottage, Prospect Hill, Herne Bay [Kent], husband of Alice C E of 64 Broad Street, Sheerness [(Arras Memorial)
  • 19203 Private Horace HARDING, born Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 29849 Private Ernest HAWES, 32, son of William and Fanny Hawes, husband of Jane Elizabeth of 26 College Place, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 29474 Private Ralph HIGBY, 19, son of William Walter and Ellen Elizabeth Higby of 50 High Street, Raunds [Northamptonshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 20841 Private Joseph HOSIER, 27, son of late Joseph and Mary Ann Hosier of Bury Road, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], resided Two Waters [Hertfordshire]; husband of Ethel May Hunt (ex-Hosier) (Arras Memorial)
  • 14804 Private Edwin Frederick HUCKLE, born and resided Sandy (Cuckoo Passage Cemetery, Héninel)
  • 14737 Private George HUTCHIN, 32, son of late Elizabeth Hutchin, born and resided Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 15047 Private Ernest Frank KINGHAM MM, born and resided Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 17503 Private Thomas LANCASTER, 21, son of John and Sarah Lancaster of West End, Cranfield (Arras Memorial)
  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Edward Saint Hilary LINGWOOD, 24, son of Edward Thomas and Alice Mary Lingwood of Westleton [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)
  • 23583 Private Albert George LOWE, 20, son of A Lowe of 15 Saint John’s Road, Mogerhanger (Arras Memorial)
  • 14577 Private John MANSFIELD, 30, born Little Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire], resided Hertford (Arras Memorial)
  • 3/7947 Private Alfred MEAD, 32, born Great Gaddesden [Hertfordshire], resided Little Gaddesden [Hertfordshire], son of William and Elizabeth Mead of 13 Saint Margaret’s, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire]; husband of Isabella J of 1 Little Gaddesden (Arras Memorial)
  • 40523 Private Edmund MORTIMER, ex-29089 Essex Regiment, born Easton [Norfolk], resided East Dereham [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)
  • 43322 Private George MUTCH, 23, ex-27755 Manchester Regiment, born Stockport [Cheshire]. Son of James Mutch of 83 Lord Street, Dukinfield [Cheshire] (Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez)
  • 43270 Lance Corporal Herbert ODELL, born and resided Goldington (Arras Memorial)
  • 26375 Private Albert OSBORNE or OSBORN, 22, born and resided Ickleford [Hertfordshire], son of A T Osborn or Osborne of Upper Green, Letcheford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 10116 Private William Alfred PACKHAM, 24, son of Alfred Richard and Emily Amelia Packham of 86 Danbrook Road, Streatham [London] (Arras Memorial)
  • 23015 Private Raymond Cyril PEARCE, born and resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 20832 Private William RACHER, born and resided Bassingbourn [Cambridgeshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 31176 Private Leslie Thomas REEVE, born and resided Lowestoft [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)
  • 30618 Private Charles William SADDINGTON, born and resided Eynesbury [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 23288 Private John Ernest SAMMONS, 25, born Whittlesey [Cambridgeshire], son of John Sammons of Bury [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 13328 Lance Corporal Edward SHORT, 29, born Houghton Regis, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Short of 48 Capron Road, Dunstable (Arras Memorial)
  • 14519 Corporal Edward Thomas SMITH, 19, son of E E Smith of 37 Rumbold Road, Rye Park [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 10750 Lance Corporal George Henry SMITH, born and resided Bath [Somerset] (Arras Memorial)
  • 22714 Private James SMITH, 18, born Caddington, resided Arlesey, son of Aaron and Susan Smith of 9 Luton Road, Markyate [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 25813 Private Fred SOUTHGATE, 19, born and resided Harwich [Essex], son of John Southgate of 1 Hill Cottage, Station Lane, Dovercourt Bay [Essex] (Arras Memorial)
  • 14850 Sergeant Henry Joseph STONE, 27, son of Albert James and Georgiana Stone of Frampton Cotterell [Gloucestershire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 30601 Private George SUMMERLIN, born and resided Luton (Arras Memorial)
  • 15341 Lance Corporal Charles TAYLOR, born Yeovil [Somerset], resided Swanley Junction [Kent] (Arras Memorial)
  • 43363 Private Walter TEBBUTT, ex-18293 Northamptonshire Regiment, born and resided Northampton (Arras Memorial)
  • 30619 Private Charles TOKENS, born Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire], resided Eynesbury [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 31254 Private William George TOMPKINS, 39, born Dunstable, husband of Laura Rose of 21 Clarendon Road, Hornsey [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial)
  • 3/7607 Lance Corporal George TROTT MM, 34, son of late Jophis and Rose Trott, husband of Bertha of 33 Ramridge End Road, Round Green, Luton (Arras Memorial)
  • 25959 Lance Corporal Maurice TRUNDLE, born White Roding [Essex], resided Ware [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 12957 Private Leonard Arthur TYE, 21, born Caston [Norfolk], brother of R W Tye of 248 Ley Street, Ilford [Essex], previousy wounded in 1916 (Arras Memorial)
  • 15502 Private George Laurance VASSAR, born Hammersmith [London], son of  T H and E Vassar of 68 Ormeley Road, Balham [London] (Cuckoo Passage Cemetery, Héninel)
  • 19164 Private Charles WAITE, 25, son of Richard Walter and Elizabeth Jane Waite of 65 Southeron Road, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 25167 Private Fred WHITTLE, born Northampton, resided Kingsthorpe [Northamptonshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 29301 Private Robert Noah WILBY, born and resided North Elmham [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)
  • 15553 Corporal James WINTERBOURNE MM, 21, born and resided Tewin [Hertfordshire], son of James and Florence Winterbourne of 31 Judge Street, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)
  • 40512 Private James Thomas WOOD, 40, ex-29006 Essex Regiment born Chatham [Kent], resided Dover [Kent]; son of George and Emily Wood, husband of Matilda Emily of Saint James’ Parish Hall, Dover (Arras Memorial)

9th Battalion
  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Gridland John LUSCOMBE, 19, attached 7th Battalion, son of J and I E Luscombe of Ugborough [Devon] (Arras Memorial)

Died of Wounds

3rd Battalion
  • Lieutenant Percival Frank HART, attached 1st Battalion (Wimereux Communal Cemetery)

4th Battalion
  • 35964 Private Isaac William THOMPSON, 30, son of William Thompson of Gladstone Street, Peterborough; husband of Eva G of The Limes, 2 Buckle Street, Peterborough (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery)

7th Battalion
  • 3/7785 Private John BODDY, born Middlesborough [Yorkshire], resided Stockton-on-Tees [Durham] (Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux)
  • 14707 Private Joseph CORKETT, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux)
  • 16287 Private Charles COSTER, son of late Charles Coster of Watford [Hertfordshire] (Bucquoy Cemetery, Ficheux)
  • 19845 Private Edward Henry WILES MM, 24, son of Ezra and Deborah Wiles of Ravensden (Étaples Military Cemetery)


3rd Battalion
  • Acting Major Charles Alan Smith MORRIS, 21, son of Charles Smith and Maud Mary Morris of Llandaff House [Glamorgan], born Bridgend [Glamorgan], attached 1st Battalion, died as a prisoner-of-war (Point-du-Jour Military Cemetery, Athies)

2nd Garrison Battalion
  • 37645 Private John George Roots HARRIS, 30, son of James Chittenden and Fanny Harris of 23 Knightrider Street, Maidstone [Kent], resided Tonbridge [Kent]; husband of Maud Albinia Mallinson (ex-Harris) of 52 Harrowby Road, Grantham [Lincolnshire] (Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton) lost at sea
  • 35206 Private William WESTWOOD, ex-24028 Essex Regiment, born Woodford [Essex], resided Woodford Green [Essex] (Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton) lost at sea

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