Monday 22 May 2017

The 1st Battalion in the Front Line

Tuesday 22nd May 1917

At present 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment is in the front line south-west of Farbus Wood, north-east of Arras and south of Lens. The adjutant reports that the enemy’s artillery has been concentrating on shooting at our own artillery (called counter-battery fire) and playing on the communication trenches, so that the men in the front line are not bothered by it.

Almost the whole Battalion worked all last night on consolidating the front line, making it proof against enemy attack. The few not working have been out on patrol; no enemy patrols have been seen. A fighting patrol under Second Lieutenant Whitfield found no opportunity for procuring identification of the enemy regiment opposite and reported that the German wire is very thick. Lieutenant Millais has assumed temporary command of B Company and also become officer commanding the front line for the length entrusted to the Battalion, a fair responsibility for a relatively junior officer.

Source: X550/2/5

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