Friday 2 June 2017

A Specimen Movement Order

Saturday 2nd June 1917

In the same way that your correspondent felt it might give a flavour of life at the Front to relay a daily intelligence report on 31st May, today the 7th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, not far from the site of their ordeal on 3rd May, has forwarded a movement order to me for onward communication.

1. INTENTION During the night of the 2nd/3rd the 54th Brigade will relieve the 55th Bde. Relieving troops will take over dispositions of the 55th Bde. All Maps, Aeroplane photographs, Intelligence Summaries, reports on work, trench stores etc will be taken over on relief.

2. ROLE OF UNITS 7th Bedfordshire Rgt will relieve the 7th Queens Rgt in support on the Bde Front. A and B Coys will on completion of relief be situated in the Rookery "C" Coy in Concrete Trench. "D" Coy in Earls Court and Shaft Trench. B.H.Q. [Battalion Head Quarters] N.35.c.2.7. "A" and "B" Coys will take over from A & C Coys. 7 Queens. Starting Point Cross Roads at N.34.a.7.7.

3. ROUTE H.Qrs, "C" and "D" Coys via Shaft Trench. "A" and "B" Coy via Sussex Avenue.

4. GUIDES From the 7th Queens on the scale of 1 per platoon and 1 for B.H.Q. will be at the Starting Point at 3 p.m.

5. INTERVALS East of Hénin-sur-Cojeul Units will move by platoons with 5 minute intervals. West of this village 500 yards will be maintained between Coys. No movements will take place outside Communication Trench until 10.15 pm.

6. ORDER OF MARCH B.H.Q. "C" "D" "A" and "B" Coys.

7. BOX RESPIRATORS Will be worn at the ALERT throughout the relief.

8. RELIEF Coys will report relief complete by the word STORE.

9. DRESS Full Marching Order.

10. TRENCH STORES Copy of Trench Stores will be forwarded to Battn H.Q. on completion of relief.

11. MEALS Dinners 12 noon.

12. TRANSPORT "C" & "D" Coy L.G.Limbers will move up with their Coy as far as Starting Point. "A" and "B" L.G.Limber will move up to N.30.c.7.1. after dark. "C" & "D" Ration Limbers will move up as previously arranged, arriving about 10 p.m. "A" and "B" Coy Ration Limbers will move to point N.30.c.7.1 after dark.

13. COOKING Support and Reserve Bns can cook in Boilers or Kettles. Coy and Platoon cook-houses to be dug in suitable places off the main trenches.

14. WATER "A" and "B" Coys will have water brought up in Petrol Tins on limbers each evening. Empty tins to be returned next evening. H.Q. "C" and "D" Coys. 1 Water Cart will be permanently kept in the Hindenburg Line. 2 Watermen will remain with the water cart.

15. MESSCART Mess Cart (Maltese Cart as Ordered by M.O [Medical Officer]) will report at the Mess at 1.30 p.m.

16. BAGGAGE All Blankets (in Bdles of 10) Coy Stores Officers valises etc will be dumped at Q.M. [Quarter Master] Stores by 11 a.m. Trench Kits etc to be dumped Q.M.Stores by 12 noon.

17. BILLETING CERTIFICATES A Certificate will be rendered to the R.S.M. [Regimental Sergeant Major] by 11 a.m. certifying that all Regtl Lines are clean, all refuse removed and Latrines disinfected.

18. ADVANCE PARTY Each company will send 1 Officer and C.S.M. [Company Sergeant Major] to take over from the 7th Queens leaving the Camp about 11 a.m. B.H.Q. will send Lt.Chapman and R.S.M. to take over Dumps, Stores etc.

19. DUMP DUTIES  "C" Coy will supply 1 N.C.O. and 1 O.R. to take over and remain in charge of Dump at T.5.c.7.7. This party will report to Staff Captain at B.H.Q. at 11 a.m. 2-6-17.  Guide will be waiting to take him to his post.

20. TRAFFIC CONTROL "A" Coy will find and take over traffic control post at N.30.c.5.3. "B" Coy will find and take over traffic Control Post on high ground N.29.d. These posts will compel troops to use Communication Trenches and will prohibit movement which previously took place in view of the enemy. They will take over the orders of the posts they relieve. These Orders must be brought to the notice of all ranks and non-compliance will be dealt with severely.

21. ANTI GAS BLANKETS Anti-Gas Blankets must be hung at the entrance of all dugouts. Where these are deficient indent for same will be sent at once.

22. S.O.S. SIGNAL Succession of Red Very Lights till followed by Artillery Barrage.

23. 1st LINE TRANSPORT Drummers, and 2 squads of the Untrained Draft.


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