Saturday 17 June 2017

Roll of Honour - 17th June 1917

Killed in Action

1st Battalion: Battle of Arras: front line near Oppy
  • 27629 Private Fred DAVIS, 21, born Croydon [Surrey], resided Leagrave (Orchard Dump Cemetery, Arleux-en-Gohelle)
  • 7739 Private Samuel UNDERWOOD, born Sawtry [Huntingdonshire], resided Peterborough (Orchard Dump Cemetery, Arleux-en-Gohelle)

7th Battalion: Battle of Arras: front line near Fontaine-lès-Croisilles
  • 15366 Private Joseph SUMMERFIELD, 27, born Sundon, resided Luton, son of Elizabeth Summerfield of 17 Storey Street, Apsley [Hertfordshire] and late William (Arras Memorial)

8th Battalion: front line near Hulluch
  • 33202 Private Charles Henry CRUMPLIN, 41, son of William Crumplin of Hartley Wintney [Hampshire] husband of Adela of Batford Mills [Hertfordshire] (Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe)
  • 22840 Private William HENMAN born and resided Lidlington (Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe)

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