Friday 16 June 2017

The Latest from Palestine

Saturday 16th June 1917

Yesterday B Company of 1st/5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, was sent away for sixteen days to train for a special mission at 54th Divisional Training Camp. A composite company of men from the Northamptonshire Regiment and the Devonshire Regiment has been given to Colonel Brighten to replace them with.

Last night a shell landed in headquarters cookhouse, wounding one man. A barricade of sandbags has been erected near the cookhouse and also near the place where the camels unload at night in order to give the men protection.

The General Officer Commanding 54th (East Anglian) Division (Major-General Sir Steuart W Hare) inspected the sector, including the redoubts held by the Bedfords. Work continued during the day on these redoubts

Source: X550/6/8

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