Friday, 10 November 2017

Hundred and Third Day of the Third Battle of Ypres

Saturday 10th November 1917

Two divisions have made attacks here today, in heavy rain and aching mud. The 1st Canadian Division’s 2nd Brigade took all its objectives in advancing the front line on the Passchendaele ridge 500 yards east from the Mosselmarkt-Meetcheele road. They took Venture Farm in so doing.

The British 1st Division also made an attack on the Canadians’ left flank. Only 3rd Brigade was employed but it did not manage to achieve very much. Virile Farm and Goudberg Copse resisted attack, though Void Farm and Veal and Vat Cottages were taken. An advance half way up the slope was made but sent tumbling back by a barrage. In then defending Void Farm they made ingenious use of the mud, making it into the mud-balls which they threw at the enemy who, thinking they were bombs, fell back. It was all to no avail, however, and the farm was eventually retaken by the enemy. Later in the day Tournant Farm was taken and held(1)

(1) The Official History later decided that this was the last day of the battle.

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