Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Keeness and a Dashing Manner

Thursday 15th November 1917

This afternoon at about 4.30, 7th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment had to repulse an attack by the Germans on the junction of the French and British armies just south of Houthulst Forest. The adjutant mentioned to me on the blower that Colonel Carot commanding the 43rd French Regiment personally congratulated the 54th Brigade and in particular the Bedfordshire Regiment on their keeness and dashing manner in repelling the German attack.

1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment has been relieved from its front line trenches today. A little excitement preceded this event, however; an enemy patrol of two men approached the trenches, were detected and attacked. One of the enemy was killed and the other was captured.

Lieutenant Primrose-Wells [X550/1/81]

A further three other ranks joined the 4th Bedfords today along with another officer, Lieutenant J B Primrose-Wells(1).

Source: X550/2/5; X550/5/3; X550/8/1

(1) James Bowen Primrose-Wells would be wounded in the same action in which his commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel J S Collings-Wells was killed. He would die of his wounds on 4th April 1918 as a prisoner-of war and now has no known grave, being commemorated on the Bécourt German Cemetery Memorial in Blighty Valley Cemetery, Authuille Wood.

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