Friday, 24 November 2017

The Struggle for Bourlon Wood Continues

Saturday 24th November 1917

The battle for Bourlon Wood continues but we have received no word of any breakthrough - how the hopes of Tuesday night have been dashed! At least for now.

The 8th Bedfords, on the right of the offensive for Bourlon Wood, holding the front line between Noyelles and Cantaing, report that the activity at the wood is continuous. Occasionally the enemy searches Nine Wood, immediately behind the Battalion and has managed to destroy several sections of trench around Battalion Headquarters, nevertheless, casualties have been remarkably light(1)

Source: X550/9/1

(1) In the period 19th to 26th November, while the Battalion was in the front line it lost fourteen men killed in action and three who died of wounds. This shows how successful the attack on 20th November had been and how the Battalion was lucky to be merely an observer of the fight for Bourlon Wood.

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