Saturday 13 December 2014

Kempston Soldiers

Sunday 13th December 1914: Sergeant Albert Allen, of 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, is home from the Front, suffering from injuries to the eyes. He is the son of Mrs. Allen of Woburn Road. The battalion had been nineteen days in the trenches when they were given a rest. They were billeted in houses behind the firing line and on 14th November, the first day of their rest, Sergeant Allen received severe injuries to the eyes caused by the bursting of a gas tank in the house in which he was billeted.

Mrs. Allen has another son , Private Walter Allen, who will be sent out to the Front with a draft of the 2nd Bedfords in a week’s time or so. He served in the South African War. Company Quarter Master Sergeant Mart is a son-in-law of Mrs. Allen, who was attached to the 4th Battalion of the Bedfords but is now with the 12th Battalion (1) doing yeoman service for his King and country. He has four brothers in the same battalion, who have all reached the tank of sergeant and another brother in the 1st Battalion (2) while yet another brother of his is serving in the Navy.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard, 8th January 1915

(1) A Home Service unit
(2) See 9th November entry for one of the brothers’ actions at Ypres

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