Tuesday 16 December 2014

Teaching the Art of War

Cheshire Regiment cap badge

Wednesday 16th December 1914: The 1st Battalion are going into the front line again tomorrow, or at least half of them are. Two companies will be in the front line close to Wulvergem on the Franco-Belgian border whilst the other two will be in billets to the south-west at Neuve Église or Nieuwkerke.

The battalion will have a company of the 1st/6th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment attached. This unit will be been added to the Bedfords’ Brigade, 15th, as of tomorrow, to learn from the “old sweats” how this war is being fought and what to do when in the front line. It is expected that they will be reassigned to another division in the New Year (1) having landed in France on 10th November.

The newcomers will have a rough introduction. It is understood that the communication trenches are full of water making life very cold and wet for the men in the front line.

Source: X550/2/5

(1) In fact they were assigned to General Headquarters on 1st March 1915. 

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