Saturday 6 December 2014

Soldiers Take French Leave

Sunday 6th December 1914: At the recent Luton Borough Petty Sessions Private Samuel Spencer of the 5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment was charged with being a deserter. The defendant, who was wearing a medal ribbon, said he ought to have been at Bury Saint Edmunds. He put in for a pass four times and failed, so came away on his own – Evidence of arrest was given by Police Sergeant Hunt, who said the prisoner admitted that he had taken French leave and the prisoner was remanded for an escort.

Private William Sims was charged with being a deserter from the Royal Engineers. He joined in 1908 and was arrested in Maple Road by Police Sergeant Hunt when he admitted that he deserted while on a journey from Winchester to Bedford. He was also remanded for an escort.

Private Herbert Fisher, 1st Battalion Hertfordshire Regiment, was charged with being absent without leave. He was found in Hastings Street by Police Sergeant Hunt, he first said he belonged to the West Surrey Regiment and was on sick leave. The Sergeant, however, found identification marks on his clothing and then he admitted the charge. The prisoner, who said he failed to return at the proper time because he had been enjoying himself too much, was remanded for an escort.

Mr. G. Warren said the Bench were sorry to see three such respectable young fellows not attending to their duties. They were not getting themselves fit for the defence of their country.

Source: Luton News 3rd December 1914

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