Wednesday, 5 November 2014


British shrapnel shell courtesy of Pearson Scott Foresman, numbers are as follows: 1. gunpowder bursting charge; 2. shrapnel balls; 3. time fuze; 4. tube to carry flash from 3 to 1; 5. resin holding balls in position; 6. thin steel wall; 7. metal cartridge case; 8. shell propellant

Thursday 5th November 1914: With so many explosions in the skies and so many flames on the ground in Belgium and France, Bonfire Night this year will come and go unremarked, we suspect. The 2nd Battalion is being shelled again today in its trenches facing Zandvoorde. We believe that they will be relieved tonight so they can go behind the lines for a well-earned rest.

The 1st battalion are on the move themselves. Our contact writes that they are en-route to “destination unknown”. They have secured a billet “with an exceedingly unpleasant host. However we have filled his house with straw and intend to have a good night’s rest”.

Sources: X550/2/7; X550/3/wd

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