Friday 30 March 2018

Catching Breath

Saturday 30th March 1918

Today, once again, the Germans have attacked our Fifth Army and our French allies south of the River Somme. If any did not believe that this great attack was on its last legs, they now will have changed their mind. The attack gained a small amount of ground but it did not have the energy, the force or the cohesion of the attacks of the last ten days.

The 2nd Battalion have left Rouvrel today, marching to Saleux, just south-west of Amiens and then taking the train to the pretty fishing village of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. They have more than earned a spell by the seaside! The 4th Battalion is at Forceville, just two or three miles north-west of Bouzincourt. It is refitting and reorganising.

The 6th Battalion is now at Couin, only about seven miles north of the 4th Battalion at Forceville. The 7th Battalion has been a Nampcel for a few days but today took buses to Compiegne and then to Amiens. Their final destination was Boves, south-east of Amiens. They are battered and much reduced, but the indomitable 18th Division now stands ready to defend the city of Amiens from any enemy attack.

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