Thursday 1 March 2018

Rouez Camp

Friday 1st March 1918

7th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment has moved to Rouez Camp, north of Viry-Noureuil and west of Tergnier. Headquarters and three companies are at the camp itself whilst C Company is in nearby Noureuil. The camp is not far behind the front line and during the day officers and NCOs reconnoitred the assembly position in case of an enemy attack.

There is some speculation on this point. With Russia no longer in the war and the Americans not yet on the western front in any numbers some are of opinion that the Germans now have a superiority in men and resources over the allies here and so may see the time as propitious to make an attack in an effort to defeat our armies and those of the French before the Americans arrive. We have even heard the hope expressed that the enemy will attack as he is sure to get a bloody nose. Others point to the fact that our Fifth Army is now dangerously stretched, with less men and a longer line to hold.

Source: X550/8/1

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