Sunday, 18 March 2018

One Out, One In

Monday 18th March 1918

1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment is on the move back from the front line on the River Piave. Yesterday they moved south from Arcade to Santandrà. Today they have been marching south to Castagnole where they will billet for the night.

As one battalion leaves the line, anothers enters it. The 2nd Battalion have left Villers-Saint-Christophe and are once again at Savy Dugouts, where they have relieved 17th Battalion, Manchester Regiment. There are increasing rumours here in France that a German attack is looming. Many of these rumours highlight the area around Saint-Quentin as liable to receive this onslaught. Only time will tell if these are a superior brand of rumour or just the usual stock-in-trade of the idle and fanciful.

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