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Roll of Honour - 22nd March 1918

Killed in Action

1st Battalion: billets at Castagnola
  • Lieutenant Westropp Orbell Peyton WINMILL, 23, son of George Winmill and Frances Ada McNab (ex-Winmill), husband of Myfanewy, educated at Bedford School and Sandhurst, also served as a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps (Pozières Memorial)
2nd Battalion: First Battles of the Somme 1918: fighting retreat to Verlaines, many captured
  • 41322 Private Frederick George BASSETT, 19, son of Thomas Henry and Emily Bassett of 18 Garlands Road, Redhill [Surrey] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 12280 Private Benjamin BLACKMAN born Hampstead [London], son of J Blackman of 37 Northwood Street, Kilburn [London] (Chapelle British Cemetery, Holnon)
  • 16499 Lance Corporal Arthur Henry BREWSTER, born and resided Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 39695 Private Wilfred Stubbs CAMM, ex-M2/266672 Army Service Corps, born Quorn [Leicestershire], resided Syston [Leicestershire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 16529 Private Cyril CARLEY, born Ringmer [Sussex], resided Swanborough [Buckinghamshire] (Savy British Cemetery)
  • 28863 Private Sidney David CHELLIS, 31, born and resided Great Yarmouth [Norfolk], brother of E C G Chellis of Great Yarmouth (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 21907 Private William CHRISTIANSEN, 19, born and resided Marylebone [London], son of Anton and Mary Christiansen of 107 Lady Margaret Road, Tufnell Park [London] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 37507 Private Albert CODLING, 35, C Company, son of William and Jane Codling of Stibbard [Norfolk], born and resided Stibbard; husband of Louisa Ellen Codling of Great Ryburgh [Norfolk] (Chapelle British Cemetery, Holnon)
  • 40234 Private Ernest Edward COOPER, 34, ex-5334 Norfolk Regiment, born and resided Norwich [Norfolk], son of Charles and Hannah Cooper of 173 Rupert Street, South Heigham [Norfolk] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 41425 Private Thomas Henry COUCH, 19, son of J and A Couch of 44 Westwood Street, Peterborough (Bouchoir New British Cemetery)
  • 290482 Private Edward Potter COVENEY, 22, son of Emily Manser Coveney of 2 Arthur’s Place, Dover [Kent] (Chapelle British Cemetery, Holnon)
  • 29011 Private Arthur CRISP, born Watlington [Norfolk], resided Gaywood [Norfolk] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 41335 Private Lenard CRITTENDEN, born Wouldham [Kent], resided Cobham [Kent] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 3/7337 Private Frank Edward CUTTS, 22, son of James Cutts of 27 King’s Road,  Wood Green [Middlesex] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 9827 Acting Corporal Arthur DEAN, 25, son of Ellen E Gowlett of Wantz Cottage, Romford Road, Dagenham [Essex], resided Romford [Essex] (Savy British Cemetery)
  • 16881 Private Richard Cade ELLIOTT, 27, son of Albert and Maria Jane Elliott of Alconbury [Huntingdonshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 33600 Private Sidney FELKS, born and resided Luton (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 19789 Sergeant Sidney FENSOME, 28, son of Samuel and Ellen Fensome of Ramridge End Lane, Stopsley (Savy British Cemetery)
  • 28871 Private Walter FLATT, 36, born Methwold [Norfolk], son of William and Frances Ellen Flatt of Gooderstone [Norfolk] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 9973 Private Robert Albert FRANKLIN, born and resided Greenwich [London] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 9297 Acting Sergeant George GURNEY MM, born and resided Biggleswade (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 41352 Private Harry HALL, 19, born Hornsey [Middlesex], resided Feltham [Middlesex], son of Frederick and Mary Ann Hall of 428 Campbell Avenue, East Burnaby [British Columbia] (Roupy Road German Cemetery Memorial, Savy British Cemetery)
  • 26875 Acting Corporal Stanley Charles HILLEN, born Snape [Suffolk], resided Ipswich [Suffolk] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 267785 Private Albert HUME, ex-10634 Royal Sussex Regiment, ex-Hertfordshire Regiment, born Fulham [London], son of Mary Hume of 16 Althorp Road, Battersea [London] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 31802 Private John James JOHNSON, 34, ex-22524 Suffolk Regiment, born Lambeth [London], husband of Catherine Maud of 11 Hethpool Street, Paddington [London] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 23245 Private Arthur Ernest KENNELL, 24, born Dean, son of Thomas and Annie Kennell of Yelden (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 27587 Private John LAVENDER, born and resided Houghton [Huntingdonshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 7995 Sergeant William Albert LEACH, 30, born Aldershot [Hampshire], son of George and Annie Leach of the Clifton Arms, Dunstable (Savy British Cemetery)
  • 10436 Private Alfred Ernest LEELAND, born Poplar [London], resided Mill Hill [Middlesex] (Savy British Cemetery, Holnon)
  • 13384 Private William Richard LOFTY, 25, son of W Lofty of 1 King’s Cottages, Moorhall, Harefield [Middlesex] (Chapelle British Cemetery, Holnon)
  • 26426 Private Victor Albert LOUGO, born Walpole [Suffolk], resided Blyford [Suffolk] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 40549 Private Ernest LOVELL, born and resided Thurleigh (Savy British Cemetery)
  • 240863 Private Alfred MAT(T)HEWS, ex-38098 King’s (Liverpool) Regiment,  husband of A L Mat(t)hews of 46 Clyde Street, Lower Broughton Road, Salford [Lancashire] Chapelle British Cemetery, Holnon)
  • 28441 Private Frederick William MEEKS, 28, son of William Henry and Minnie Meeks of Clifton, husband of Edith Hannah of New Road, Clifton (Chapelle British Cemetery, Holnon)
  • 14524 Lance Corporal Alfred MERRY, born and resided Stoke Bardolph [Nottinghamshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 43176 Private George Frederick NUNN, 20, ex-1952 Essex Regiment, son of Charles William and Rosa Adelaide Nunn of 20 Huntsworth Terrace, Lisson Grove, Marylebone [London] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 33189 Private William Charles PARKER, 28, born Wold Newton [Lincolnshire], son of John Houghton Parker and Elizabeth Ann Parker of Wilby [Northamptonshire], husband of Edith of Glebe Cottage, Wilby (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 25820 Private Charles PHILLIPS, 23, born Cambridge, resided Colchester [Essex], son of George and Amelia Phillips (Savy British Cemetery)
  • 240980 Private Reginald Geoffrey POLE, ex-24123 Manchester Regiment, born Dorking [Surrey], resided Manchester [Lancashire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 31813 Private Charles RAYNER, 21, ex-23235 Suffolk Regiment, son of W Plummer of and late Mrs W Plummer of Fressingfield [Suffolk] (Savy British Cemetery)
  • 202057 Private William Gerrish RUGG, born and resided Bristol (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 12958 Private Harry Edward SHEPHERD, 22, son of Ada Shepherd of Stapleford [Hertfordshire] and late William Shepherd (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 9435 Private Charles STANTON, born Hinxworth [Hertfordshire], resided Hornsey [Middlesex] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 21391 Private Robert Edward STEWARD, 33, B Company, ex-2896 Royal Field Artillery, born Thorpe [Norfolk] husband of Elizabeth Emma of 6 Inkerman Terrace, Bishopgate, Norwich [Norfolk]., son of Robert Samuel Steward of 4 Lollard’s Pit, Rodary Road, Norwich (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 48703 Private Charles STEWART, born Harlesden [Middlesex], resided Hammersmith [London] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 17583 Private Ernest TAYLOR, born Failsworth [Lancashire], husband of A Taylor of 11 Scott Street, Ashton Road, Oldham [Lancashire] (Chapelle British Cemetery, Holnon)
  • 21843 Private Jack TAYLOR, 18, ex-M/301789 Army Service Corps, son of Charles William and Alice Taylor of 3 Marsh Lane, Cheltenham [Gloucestershire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 9406 Sergeant Harry TOMLIN, 29, B Company, born Bovingdon [Hertfordshire], son of William Tomlin of 49a Ellesmere Road, Great Berkhampsted [Hertfordshire], husband of Elizabeth of 51 Castle Street, Berkhamstead (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 29740 Private William Henry TURNER, born and resided Fordham [Cambridgeshire] (Savy British Cemetery)
  • 2518 Private William VALLANCE, born Marylebone [London], resided Canvey Island [Essex] (Chapelle British Cemetery, Holnon)
  • 17692 Lance Corporal Arthur Joseph WORRALL, born and resided Cople (Savy British Cemetery)
5th Battalion: First Battles of the Somme 1918, attached 4th Battalion
  • Lieutenant William Stanley DAVIS, 22, attached 4th Battalion, son of Dr William and Mary Rosina Davis of 7 The Embankment, Bedford (Arras Memorial)

4th Battalion: First Battles of the Somme 1918: second line defence at Havrincourt Wood
  • 10977 Private Daniel GRAVES, born and resided Liverpool [Lancashire] (Pozieres Memorial)
7th Battalion: First Battles of the Somme 1918: fighting at la Montagne Bridge and Rouez Camp
  • 19437 Private William BASS, born Ramsey [Huntingdonshire], resided Bury [Huntingdonshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 15840 Private Herbert BRACE, born and resided Croxton [Cambridgeshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 33750 Private Martin Henry BUTTERWORTH, 22, born New Fletton [Peterborough], son of E Butterworth of 11 Princes Road, Old Fletton [Huntingdonshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 40227 Private John Sydney BUTTLE, ex-5113 Norfolk Regiment, born Bawdswell [Norfolk], resided Rockland Saint Peter [Norfolk] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 15041 Private George Henry CHRISTMAS, 29, C Company, born Finsbury Park [Middlesex], son of George and Elizabeth Christmas of 6 Litchfield Terrace, Saint Margaret’s, Ware [Hertfordshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 27517 Private George Lancaster CUTTS Stanstead Abbotts [Hertfordshire] Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 19705 Private Edward George DENTON, 25, ex-7959 Lancers, son of T G Denton of 43 Priory Street, Bedford  (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 30925 Private Harold William GEORGE, born Enfield [Middlesex], resided Southend-on-Sea [Essex] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 19173 Corporal William Charles GOBBY, born Harlington, resided Chalton (Toddington) (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 29989 Private Charles HARPER, 30, son of George and Emma Harper of Wellingham [Norfolk] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 41588 Private Alfred Arthur HENRY, 19, born Bermondsey [London], son of George and Emily Henry of Stokesby [Norfolk] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 204480 Private William Edward HIMPETT, 31, born Sittingbourne [Kent], resided Thundersley [Essex], son of A Himpett of 7 Poole’s Lane, Hull Bridge, Hockley [Essex], husband of L Westhorp (ex-Himpett), 8 Albert Square, Southend-on-Sea [Essex] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 40754 Private Robert MAGGS, ex-36314 South Staffordshire Regiment, born and resided Wolverhampton [Staffordshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 21602 Private Sidney Charlesworth MITCHELL, 19, C Company, ex-3193 Northern Cyclist Battalion, son of Jonathan and Ellen Ann Mitchell of Shotley Bridge [Durham] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 19754 Private James MORTIMER, 34, born Blackfriars [London], resided Camden Town [London], son of William Thomas and Emily Mortimer, husband of Jane Matilda of 3 Prebend Place, Great College Street, Camden Town [London] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 23762 Private Victor George Thomas PERKINS, 20, born Richmond [Surrey], son of Tom and Mary Elizabeth Perkins of Three Horse Shoes, Leverstock Green [Hertfordshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 41377 Private Frank Ernest PIDGEON, born Edmonton [Middlesex], resided Stotfold (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 15196 Acting Lance Sergeant William Edward George POOLE, 22, born Bermondsey [London] resided Southwark [London], son of William and Esther Ruth Poole of 7 Three Oak Lane, Tooley Street, London (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 16616 Private Ernest Daniel POULTER, born Baldock [Hertfordshire], resided Welwyn [Hertfordshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 41380 Private George Henry PRATT, 19, ex-202437 Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment ) son of John Bradford Pratt and Georgina Pratt of 7 Carmen Street, Poplar [London] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 41382 Private Sydney Oscar RAWSON born Brixton [London], resided Norbury [Surrey] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 203733 Private Frederick Henry REYNOLDS, born and resided  Royston [Hertfordshire] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 14827 Sergeant Charles George RUGMAN Medaille Militaire (Belgium), 24, born Bristol, son of C W Rugman of 1 Donington Villas, Eastfield Road, Westbury-on-Trym [Bristol] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 21612 Private Fred SAXTON, ex-M/321280 Army Service Corps, born and resided Nottingham (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 41298 Private William Henry VAUGHAN, ex-39583 Northamptonshire Regiment, born Paddington [London], resided Willesden [Middlesex] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 290441 Private Sidney WHITEHEAD, 19, son of James Claudius and Elizabeth Whitehead of 4 John Street, Gravesend [Kent] (Pozieres Memorial)
  • 41541 Private Albert CLAUDE WOODWARD, born and resided Luton (Pozieres Memorial)
Died of Wounds

2nd Battalion
  • 18713 Private John THOMPSON resided Houghton Regis (Ham British Cemetery, Muille-Villette)

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