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Inter-Platoon Rifle Competition

Tuesday 12th March 1918

7th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment is at Rouez Camp engaged in all sorts of useful jobs. For the next week or so two officers and 140 other ranks will be attached to 290th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery to build gun-pits at Vouel. Two platoons of C Company will be used to construct more billets in nearby Noureuil and a further five officers and 240 other ranks will bury cable for 18th Divisional Signal Section.

Today an Inter Platoon Rifle Competition was held, won by Number 2 Platoon. The points totals show a considerable disparity in the accuracy of shooting of the various platoons!

  • No.2 Platoon: 238 points
  • No.3 Platoon: 199
  • Battalion Headquarters: 195
  • No.7 Platoon: 184
  • No.9 Platoon: 179
  • B Company Headquarters:177
  • No.4 Platoon:163
  • A Company Headquarters:161
  • C Company Headquarters:156
  • No.11 Platoon:152
  • Scouts and Quartermaster’s Stores:152
  • No.12 Platoon:150
  • D Company Headquarters:147
  • No.6 Platoon:145
  • No.10 Platoon:133
  • No.16 Platoon:132
  • No.1 Platoon:131
  • No.14 Platoon:126
  • Runners:126
  • Drums:125
  • No.13 Platoon:122
  • No.15 Platoon:117
  • No.5 Platoon:109
  • Transport: 98
  • Royal Engineers Platoon: 97
  • No.8 Platoon: 94

Source: X550/8/1

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