Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Leaving Danger?

Wednesday 20th March 1918

At three o’clock this afternoon the 7th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment received a warning to prepare for an enemy attack. There have been rumours for some days about a major enemy offensive, probably in the region of Sroueaint-Quentin, which is where the battalion finds itself, specifically at Rouez Camp, west of Tergnier. As I write this they are waiting for the order to make a move forward to positions reconnoitred in the last week or so and falling in what is named the battle zone, an area behind the front line where it is expected that the enemy’s attack can be contained and defeated.

The adjutant mentioned to be on the blower that Captain R O Clark has left the Battalion today for a six month tour of duty in England. Many of the officers and men of the Battalion wish they were accompanying him.

Source: X550/8/1

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